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How can you do what you love and make a great living at the same time?

Be a Storyboard Artist!

Even though jobs are quickly vanishing for traditional animators and newspaper/magazine cartoonists, Storyboard artists are in high demand -- more than ever!

Even the slickest CG-Animated movie uses hand-drawn storyboards. Look at any of the “Art of...” books about Pixar, Dreamworks, Sony and Disney movies and you’ll see that storyboards are still drawn like they’ve always been...

And that just for starters -- As special-effects-driven blockbusters continue to dominate the box-office, storyboard artists are constantly needed to provide the “blueprints” and pre-visualization art those movies require. Action movies, video games, TV series and even commercials are hiring storyboard artists every day.

And You Already Have Half of What You Need

You already know how to draw, but the specific storytelling strategies, technical requirements and the specific challenges of the storyboarding format remain a mystery.Do you know how to do a hook-up? When to use a truck-out? an x-dissolve, a banana-pan or how to avoid a jump-cut?

I had never even heard of those things when I started -- In these days of tight deadlines and even tighter budgets, on-the-job training doesn’t even exist anymore. When the studios need a storyboard artist, they don’t have the time or resources for training; they want someone that demonstrate today that they’ll hit the ground running and start pumping out killer storyboards from the first day on the job...

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Grab That Opportunity?

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  • The Six Essential Steps to take ...BEFORE you start to draw
  • How To Overcome the Fear of the Blank Page
  • The single biggest beginner's mistake ...don't let it happen to you!
  • Pacing your storytelling for maximum impact
  • Breakthrough strategies guaranteed to bust down creative blocks
  • Pacing your workload to keep ahead of the Dreaded Deadline Doom
  • -----
  • Screen Direction Made Easy: Save time and headaches with these simple tips
  • The "Magic" way to avoid and solve the toughest of staging problems
  • -----

...and dozens of practical studio tips you won't find anywhere else

It's the real stuff you can't learn from a book!

How to Storyboard

Part ONE:
"Storyboarding Crash Course"

A Quick Overview Designed to Get You up and Running Right Away

  • Angles, Staging And Framing
  • Screen Direction & Continuity
  • Quick-Start Guide to Camera Moves
How to Storyboard

Part TWO:
"Angles, Framing and Screen Direction"

Choose the best angle for your shot. Lots of tips and shortcuts to make it quick and easy.

  • The emotional power of angles
  • The drop-dead easiest solution ever for the dreaded "180-degree rule"
How to Storyboard

"Acting and Posing"

Make Your Characters Come To Life Using The Line Of Action And Silhouettes

  • "How Many Poses Do I Draw?"
  • How Some Simple "Opposition" can make a huge difference in your boards
  • The Power of Character Interaction
How to Storyboard

Part FOUR:
"Camera Moves And Transitions"

How To Use The Moving Camera & Transitions to Strengthen Your Story

  • Cuts, Dissolves, Wipes And Fades...
    • When To Use Them...And Why
  • 4 Sure-Fire Ways To Avoid the Nightmare of Jump-Cuts
How to Storyboard

Part FIVE:
"Special Shots And Progressions"

Discover The Patterns Of Shots And Never Face Artist's Block Again

  • How to Boost the Emotional Impact of Your Scenes with Reaction Shots
  • The Magic of the Cutaway -- (this one can save you a world of headaches)

...And that's just the first half of the course!

Listen to what recent customers have to say...

Hey Sherm!

Before time slips by I just wanted to thank you for promptly sending out the DVDS! You rock! The examples you show thus far are super clear and easy to understand

Most of my questions have been answered so far and I'm only on Disc 5!!!!

I'm making a 3 minute film on my own and it's been a battle every inch of the way. Your discs have saved me, man. I was moving in slow motion. Thanks again!"

-- Robert Dress
Storyboard Artist Robert Castillo

"I learned more in 2 hours than one year in Art School and I still owe them 50,000 dollars.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and please let me know if you would ever do a workshop here in New York in the future!"

Robert Castillo
Storyboard Artist for:
Sopranos - Season 5 and "Precious"

Martin Lauzon CG Supervisor

Hey Sherm!

Just wanted to take a minute and say thank you for the great job you did teaching on your DVD set. Excellent resource!

Martin Lauzon
3D team leader - CG supervisor Art Direction at Vision Globale
EFX Supervisor at Omation “The Barnyard”

Discs #6 through #10 Take you Step-by-Step through the Entire Storyboarding Process

How to Storyboard

Part SIX:
"Before You Start Drawing"

Avoid Disastrous Mistakes By Taking These Essential Steps Before You Start To Draw

  • Planning & Time-Saving Strategies
  • The Six-Point Plan for Solid Story
  • Ensure Your Storyboarding Success Before You Even Start to Draw
How to Storyboard

"From Thumbnailing
To Roughs"

This Is The Stage Where Some Big Factors Come Into Play:

  • Structure And Pacing
  • Creating Visual Interest
  • Using And Reusing Setups
  • Avoid Visual Distractions
How to Storyboard

"Cleanup And
Perspective Tips"

As The Deadline Crunch Approaches, Use These Proven Shortcuts To Get Your Board Done On Time

  • Fixing The Worst...First
  • The Technical Nitty-Gritty
  • Freehand Perspective Techniques
How to Storyboard

Part NINE:
"Digital Storyboarding
And Pitching"

The Truth About "Going Digital" And How To Win Over Your Audience

  • Choose the Right Storyboard Software
  • Low-Cost Cintiq Alternatives
  • What Not To Do Before Your Pitch
How to Storyboard

Part TEN:
"How To Get A Job
And Keep It,Too"

Take Control Of Your Career With These Real-world Job-Getting Strategies

  • Get Around the "Gatekeepers"
  • Creating a Killer Portfolio
  • How to Avoid the Pink Slip and Get on Track for Your Promotion

That's 13 Hours of real-world, practical,
nuts-and-bolts storyboard training!

Here's what storyboard artists are saying about Sherm's storyboarding Courses:


"Where was this when I was at Cal-Arts? Where was it when I started my storyboard career? Great job!"

Joe Banaszkiewicz
Storyboard Artist and Director on Tiny Toons,
Animaniacs, Disney's House of Mouse & more

"I've learned some of these storyboard techniques from various directors over the years only to find out that they learned them from Sherm Cohen.

This guy really knows his stuff!"

-- Fred Osmond
Storyboard Artist - Penguins of Madagascar
Assistant Director - El Tigre

"The storyboard principles Sherm taught me landed me my first job; doing boards at Nickelodeon.
You won't find this information anywhere else"

Storyboard artist and animator Mike Moloney

--Michael Moloney
Storyboard Artist - Making Fiends
Nickelodeon Animation Studios
Titmouse Animation Studios

About Sherm Cohen

After starting out as a comic book artist and magazine gag cartoonist, Sherm Cohen entered the animation field as a character layout artist for The Ren & Stimpy Show.

Sherm moved up from Storyboard Revisionist to Storyboard Artist to Director on Nickelodeon's Hey Arnold. In 1998 he became part of the founding crew on SpongeBob SquarePants, and worked on the show for the next seven years as writer, director, storyboard artist and Storyboard Supervisor. Sherm was also Lead Storyboard Artist and Character Designer for The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.

Sherm storyboarded at Cartoon Network Studios and Warner Bothers before moving to Walt Disney Studios to write and draw storyboards for Phineas and Ferb, Kick Buttowski and Fish Hooks. In 2013 Sherm returned to Bikini Bottom as Sequence Supervisor for The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water. He is currently Supervising Director on the brand new seasons of SpongeBob SquarePants.

Sherm Has taught storyboarding at CalArts, Woodbury University and The Disney Creative Academy. Sherm's tutorial DVDs are being used my animation studios around the world, and in schools including San Francisco's Academy of Art University, The Columbus College of Art and Design, USC School of Cinematic Arts, Art Institute of Indianapolis and Ringling College of Art and Design.

Sherm received an Emmy Nomination
for his work on Kick Buttowski at Disney TV Animation

Storyboard artist and illustrator Meredith Randazzo"I've made it through three of your DVDs so far- I watched 10, 1, and 2 (I couldn't help skipping to the end).

Really, REALLY great content! Pretty much anything you would want for television storyboarding.

After I watched #1 I was like, "That was great, but how can he expand on this for 8 more DVDs?" and then I watched #2. Wow. So simple, and yet...not. I'm really excited to start putting this info to work. I like your teaching style!"

Meredith Randazzo

"Super clear, easy to follow, no-nonsense.

I already got some great nuggets outta it. Thanks Sherm, you're a champ and a really nice dude. Keep up the great work!"

-Mike Nassar
Animator, Six Point Harness

Storyboard artist and Owner of HGN Studio Haroldo Neto

"They were
a great help"

I finally had a chance to review and digest all the 10 DVDs and found the contents awesome.
Since I am mostly doing storyboards now they were a great help specially the one on thumbnails.
Chapters on screen direction and perspective were great too. Of course I had been exposed to the basics before but overall I found them very informative and loaded with very important tips. I plan to show them to my storyboard crew here too.

HGN Produções Best wishes,

Haroldo Guimarães Neto
Owner, Director - HGN Produções

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