Storyboards by Alex Toth

Storyboard Artist Alex Toth (1)Here’s a variety of Alex Toth storyboard pages from all around the web. They’re not in any order, but they sure are nice to look at!

His compositions and staging are perfection, and the simplicity with which he delineates the figures is inspiring.

Storyboard Artist Alex Toth (2)Storyboard Artist Alex Toth (3)Storyboard Artist Alex Toth (4)Storyboard Artist Alex Toth (5)Storyboard Artist Alex Toth (6)Storyboard Artist Alex Toth (7)Storyboard Artist Alex Toth (8)Storyboard Artist Alex Toth (9)Storyboard Artist Alex Toth (10)Storyboard Artist Alex Toth (11)Storyboard Artist Alex Toth (12)Storyboard Artist Alex Toth (13)Storyboard Artist Alex Toth (14)Storyboard Artist Alex Toth (15)Storyboard Artist Alex Toth (16)Storyboard Artist Alex Toth (17)Storyboard Artist Alex Toth (18)Storyboard Artist Alex Toth (19)Storyboard Artist Alex Toth (20)Storyboard Artist Alex Toth (21)Storyboard Artist Alex Toth (22)Storyboard Artist Alex Toth (23)Storyboard Artist Alex Toth (24)Storyboard Artist Alex Toth (25)Storyboard Artist Alex Toth (26)Storyboard Artist Alex Toth (27)Storyboard Artist Alex Toth (28)Storyboard Artist Alex Toth (29)Storyboard Artist Alex Toth (30)

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12 Responses to “Storyboards by Alex Toth”

  1. I would have loved to have been there when the young directors told Alex they wanted start and stop poses and more in-betweens.
    And could you deliver this to us as an animatic….

  2. A shame that Toth did such beautiful storyboards for what ended up as hackwork animation (in the hands of others) with none of the sensitivity to figures, timing, and settings that he gave these drawings.

  3. Very cool. Thanks for the post!

  4. Thanks for posting these. I was friends with Alex’s son in art school and we went over to his house one night. I knew of his work but I didn’t know he was a legend. Wow!

  5. Tom de Rosier 22. Sep, 2011 at 6:22 am

    Unfortunately many, if not all, of these are forgeries!

    I have a set of storyboard copies given to me by Alex himself…with many of these pages in the stack. Yes, the compositions are carefully matched, but the descrepencies, (in line quality, lettering, and drawing integrity, for example), are obvious when the two are compared.

    The brittle, etched-in line quality on the fakes is clearly different than the bolder flowing line used by Alex, (and Alex’s lines would sometimes “bleed” slightly when you look really close). Some of the lettering descrepencies are glaring when looked at side-by-side.

    Someone with a lightbox and alot of freetime has been loading the internet/ebay with fakes. Wish they would stop…it tarnishes Alex’s legacy!

    Alex’s drawing’s had much more solidity than the samples above. Even when he was working quickly, his lines carved-out very precise and specific shapes, (unlike the shakey and timid quality of the fonies).

    One of these days I will get these comparisions posted so people know what I’m talking about!

    Don’t mean to sound like a jerk or rain on the parade, but Alex was a hero and friend of mine. This stuff has been popping-up online for a few years now and annoys the hell out of me. MANY of the doodle pages for sale on EBAY at any given time, same thing, very dubious.

    -Tom de Rosier

  6. Hi Tom…please let me know when you post the storyboard comparisons. I will definitely link to them here so everyone will be able to see what you describe.

  7. Tom de Rosier 22. Sep, 2011 at 6:57 am

    Will do!

    Again, I don’t mean to be a rain cloud!

    And the point of your article is still good and valid, re: Alex’s composition and staging…(which the forgeries match very closely!)

    Be well!


  8. What leads you to say that? Those certainly look real to me. I find it hard to believe someone could do such convincing replicas of not only Toth’s compositional sense and handling of materials like conte crayon let alone forge his writing so well. Do you mean they are traced from his originals…? Perhaps, but—many of them are sloppy, I’ll grant, but they weren’t intended for print, they were functional work, not pretty work.

  9. Looking again I admit I see some VERY sloppy ones, which may be fakes, but some of them do look real. On the other hand, he had to do reams of these things and didn’t always take the greatest care to make the drawings perfect…

  10. Tom de Rosier 22. Sep, 2011 at 8:07 pm

    Hey James,

    Not trying to start an online war.

    I will try to get some comparisons up in the near future and people can make up their own mind.

    How’s that?


  11. Tom de Rosier,

    Even Alex Toth would sometimes use a different pen, or sometimes have to be rushed to do twice the amount of work in half the time.

    Those boards are not forgeries. What an irresponsible thing to say that they are.

    If anything, I’d conjecture that you’re talking about the page where Sinestro and Captain Cold are running into a teleport door, being one of the so-called “forgeries”. Nonsense.

    If it were a forgery, the lettering would never be consistently the same as all of Toth’s other writing. You are simply wrong.

    I too had communicated to Alex Toth, and have seen in person many things he’s done, and letters he’s written to others. I’ve studied his linework for decades, and I have also been a professional storyboard artist for animation for many years.

    We all know his storyboards were never going to be of the caliber of his comic book illustration art. There were many boards he’s done that never had pencil shadings, because (again, I have to point out) that simply didn’t require it, or that he may have been under a terrible deadline. In which case, he would only do the minimum.

    Which goes to prove that even Alex Toth “light” is way better than most others’ ‘heavy’ work.

    So please, show us your conspiracy theories. I look forward to dispelling them.

  12. Tom de Rosier 02. Oct, 2011 at 2:18 am


    I was certainly not intending to be irresponsible and will get some examples up by the end of the week.

    -Tom de Rosier