Staging for Movement & More on Backgrounds

After taking a little break to cleanse the palate, we’re back with another storyboarding commentary video.

How to draw storyboards - Storyboarding Staging for movement - The Mighty B

The topic of today’s video is staging for movement; it’s critically important to plan ahead and leave just the right amount of room in your composition for your characters to act out the scene with the most impact.

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In these storyboard panels, Bessie starts a series of actions that are going to escalate into a cute little comedy bit. The action starts out when Bessie and Portia are sitting next to each other on the bench. Bessie is so enthusiastic that she knocks Portia out of the way and start frantically putting together cosmetic kits.

Anytime there’s a lot of movement in the scene, it’s important to leave enough room for the action to really be visible.

Portia lies on the kitchen floor Storyboard art Background

Other topics in this video include the use of the “Same As” pose indication, more on background design, the “start pose,” and one more example of “The Magic of the Cutaway.

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4 Responses to “Staging for Movement & More on Backgrounds”

  1. Hi Sherm, enjoyed your new Storyboard videos today, very interesting layout of the panels, and movement, Thanks Carlo

  2. WOW! It’s really great to see you addressing action within the same scene… I feel like I’m learning so much from this lesson!!

  3. Thanks, Rocky — and WOW! I’m so glad to have just discovered your work at . Beee-utiful drawings ^_^


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