Need Story Ideas for your Storyboard Samples?

As a storyboard artist you need to have samples in your portfolio…but what if you don’t have any scripts or stories to work from? Here are some great sources when you need to get a short story idea really quick! Use these story ideas as a starting place; you can re-write or just tweak the words as needed, and then draw them as storyboards in your own style and using your own staging ideas.

Here are a bunch of links to comic book stories on the web.

Henry Boltinoff one-pagers and shorts

Fox & Crow Comics

Jack Bradbury Comics

Assorted comics at The Greatest Ape

Classic Horror Comics

HUGE selection of Adventure, SciFi and funny-animal comics

Some silly Jack Cole one-pagers

Single-panel gag cartoons

Science-Fiction Comics:
especially Alarming Tales:

Crime Comics and
Crime and Punishment:

The worst kind of storyboard samples are ones that are just people standing around talking. Using these comics as inspiration will help you draw stories and scenes that are visually oriented instead of just a lot of “blah-blah-blah.” And they’re short — which is great because you don’t want to get buried in the overload of a huge sample. 15 pages of storyboard samples is the minimum you want to have in your portfolio, but don’t make the mistake of taking on a 200-page epic. Keep it short and sweet and powerful!

I recommend that you type up your new short script, and toss away the comics pages you based it on so you can come up with fresh staging and acting and drawing ideas that will be 100% yours. Have fun!

Note: Many of these comic book downloads are in the .cbr and .cbz file formats. You’ll need a comic book reader app to read them; I recommend ComicRack or CDisplay for Windows, and Simple Comic or Comic Book Lover

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11 Responses to “Need Story Ideas for your Storyboard Samples?”

  1. Thanks so much Sherm!
    These are really really helpful.
    And the recommendation is just brilliant.

  2. Thanks David — it was your questions that made me put these links together! Thanks for the suggestions 🙂

  3. Can you give an idea on something for school?

  4. Hi SchoolGurl…I’ll be happy to help, but can you be more specific about what you’re asking about?

  5. hey! sherm… how r u???? i need your help to making the story board!!!!!!!!

  6. Hi “love”…so, what can I help you with? Anything specific?

  7. yoloswagkush420 01. May, 2013 at 10:16 am


  8. Hey, I need help with story boarding. I just have three days, do I need to be really good at drawing?

  9. That depends on what kind of project you’re working on…if it’s live action and if you are directing it yourself, the boards don’t need to look as polished.

  10. Hi Sherm, where can I get a sample test from a tv show, in order to use for portfolio.


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