Storyboarding: the Three-Shot

Today the topic is the three shot — a composition that not only includes three people, but deals with the relationships between them

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The general guideline for when to cut is that you always want to be looking at whatever is the most important thing to the story at any given time. At this point, the dramatic relationship on the screen is specifically between three people: Portia, Mary-Frances, and Bessie.

Storyboard Three-shot
Other topics in this video include¬†acting, corresponding pairs of camera angles, scene descriptions,¬†contrast as a storytelling tool, and “The Magic of the Cutaway.”
The Mighty B! Storyboard drawing Bessie holds up a glove

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2 Responses to “Storyboarding: the Three-Shot”

  1. Just saw an awesome use of the 180 rule while wcithang Seven Samurai. Using a close-up of a woman’s face and panning around the back of a man’s head.Tried looking for it online but couldn’t find it. It’s one of the first few times the young samurai meets the girl disguised as a boy.


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