The Start of Storyboard Week

Here’s a storyboard sequence I drew
for the “Apprentice” episode from
the first season of The Mighty B!
Mighty B storyboard drawing

Since it can be a hassle to open up all these individual pages, I also made them into a sweet slideshow player that you can view full-screen.

Here’s that groovy slideshow player, but…

…This dinky player isn’t big enough to see the storyboards clearly. If you click on the button in the lower right hand corner of the slideshow, it will open up a full-screen window that displays the pages nice and BIG!

(note the Play/Pause button and directional arrows at the bottom of the player…those’ll help you go thru them at your own pace)

The entire sequence is just below…CLICK on each thumbnail to see the FULL-SIZED storyboard page.
Mighty-B_Storyboard001 Mighty-B_Storyboard002 Mighty-B_Storyboard003
Mighty-B_Storyboard004 Mighty-B_Storyboard005 Mighty-B_Storyboard006
In this episode, Mary-Frances (Portia’s mom) is under pressure to sell tons of her “Mary Kay” type of cosmetics. She decides to put her daughter’s scout troop to work for her so she can make her sales quota. Bessie is so into it that Mary-Frances decides to take her on as an Apprentice!

Mighty-B_Storyboard007 Mighty-B_Storyboard008 Mighty-B_Storyboard009
Mighty-B_Storyboard010 Mighty-B_Storyboard011 Mighty-B_Storyboard012

Over the course of this week I’ll be using this storyboard sequence to talk about some of the key concepts about solid storyboarding.

Mighty-B_Storyboard013 Mighty-B_Storyboard014 Mighty-B_Storyboard015
Mighty-B_Storyboard016 Mighty-B_Storyboard017 Mighty-B_Storyboard018
Since I’m not starting the“commentary” on these storyboards until next time, please post any questions you may have in the comments below — any question on the topic of storyboarding is welcome…that will help me make the rest of this week’s posts as informative as possible.

Mighty-B_Storyboard019 Mighty-B_Storyboard020 Mighty-B_Storyboard021
Mighty-B_Storyboard022 Mighty-B_Storyboard023 Mighty-B_Storyboard024
Mighty-B_Storyboard025 Mighty-B_Storyboard026 Mighty-B_Storyboard027Mighty-B_Storyboard029
Coming up next: Storyboarding commentary begins with:

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16 Responses to “The Start of Storyboard Week”

  1. Hi Sherm!

    This is all great material, very clearly presented and explained!
    I have learned storyboarding by myself and this is the kind of stuff you can only get by being out there…

    I take all this also applies to live action in commercials?

    On many occasions I co-work with the directors on how to show the panels of a TV commercial shooting board. All these guidelines will be very helpful. Is there a way I can access your previous publications, guidelines, rules, etc?


  2. Hi Walter — I sent you a link earlier today for some big PDF downloads…if you can’t find the email, let me know and I’ll send it to you again. Now that you have this blog and the first DVD on the way, the rest of my material (and there’s a lot of it) can be found in the 10-DVD Storyboard Secrets course:

    I’m sure glad to hear you’re enjoying the videos! As far as live action: most of it applies, but in live action boards, there is MUCH less posing; All the acting is left to the actors to play out on screen. Commercials also have much fewer panels…sometimes as little as 10 panels for a whole 30-second spot.

  3. Hi Sherm ! Great stuff.I am in the process of storyboarding dioramas that I donated to the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa.This is really a lot of fun and a great way to bring it all to life.Thanks for your help in getting me started.Cheers! John.

  4. Hi John — glad to hear that! I’m really glad you let me know about yourstoryboarding successes 🙂

  5. it’s very nice…congrats.!

  6. it’s very nice…congrats.! now iam taking the shortfilms. your iadeas is very useful for my career. thanks a lot..

  7. Hi Sherm!

    I’m an illustrator (in training haha), professional for less than a year so far, but I draw since I can remember.
    I really identify myself with cartoons and comic books. I have followed your work for some time, not knowing exactly who was the genious behind the animation of Sponge Bob, Mighty B (and so many other cartoons), which are so new and fun
    and always have surprised me. I’m glad I know that now! Thank you for sharing with us walk-through style, all of these lessons, mandatory for aspiring artists like me who wants to understand the best way to communicate with cartooning, illustration or animation. You have been very inspirational, thanks for your initiative and hard work on bringing all your knowledge in the form of awesome, elucidative lessons for us fans!

  8. HI Davi — thank you for all the nice compliments, and I’m really glad you’ve gotten so much help and inspiration from the tutorials. Keep in mind that I’m only ONE of the many many people who brought those cartoons to life — it takes a whole bunch of dedicated cartoonists working together to make a good show 🙂


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